8th Customer Lovefest welcomes Illuminate Technologies

The 8th Customer Lovefest introduces its Gold Sponsor Illuminate Technologies. A leading CRM consulting firm and a Freshworks integration partner, Illuminate has offices in Australia and the Philippines.

Freshworks provides refreshing business software that teams will love. Freshworks specializes in Customer Engagement Software for businesses of all sizes.

Freshworks has a wide array of products such as the omnichannel customer support helpdesk software Freshdesk, sales CRM software Freshsales and customer success management software Freshsuccess.

Freshdesk’s omnichannel helpdesk unifies messages and information across all channels to deliver better customer experiences. Freshdesk empowers the customer to help themselves and allow businesses to proactively reach out to them before encountering any problems.

Another set of features that Freshdesk has is its insightful reporting and collaboration functions, making troubleshooting more meaningful.

Freshsales has a built-in phone and email system which helps businesses make calls, send targeted emails, and get in touch with prospects with a click.

Freshsuccess has its customer intelligence which integrates all messages, tickets, and history in one place. Another ace that Freshsuccess has is its automatic net promoter score calculation, which helps address customer retention concerns easily.

With 10 global offices and more than 2,000 employees in parts of the world, Freshworks has 9 years of experience in the CRM industry, has produced 10 products and acquired 10 companies.

Freshworks serves around 30 multinational companies ranging from IT to Transportation to even Educational Institutions.

Join the 8th Customer Lovefest Conference this November 14-15 at Tower Club Makati. For more information, contact Ex-Link Events at (+63 2) 8633-0153 / 8633-0088, +63 920 924 2532 / +63 920 981 4376, info@exlinkevents.com or facebook.com/customerlovefest.

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