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The 2018 Smarter CX Insights survey done by Oracle states that 65% out of over 350 customer experience professionals “have a good understanding of what their customers expect of a good experience,” but only 32% of respondents “feel they have access to the information they need to understand customers’ needs and previous interactions, and can apply it to improve their experience.”

Worse, the results show that “55% of respondents believe their companies will be too slow to adapt and face disruption from more innovative, nimble and customer-focused competitors.”

In a world where instant gratification is valued more, companies need to adapt to their market in order to sustain themselves, and there’s no turning back.

Fortunately, this concern is addressed easily with the establishment of training programs and seminars to improve customer experience that businesses can participate.

What if your business is not that big – is it allowed to develop its own Customer Experience process?

There’s a Customer Experience Management Conference fit for your business

Customer Lovefest, the pioneer conference on Customer Loyalty & Rewards, Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management, is helping businesses of any size develop their own customer experiences since 2011.

On its 7th year, the Customer Lovefest focuses on Making a Difference thru Customer Experience (CX) Transformation to generate #RepeatBusiness.

This year’s speakers include advertising veteran and CNN Philippines consultant Ms. Matec Villanueva, Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines Country CEO Dr. Donald Lim, Mercato Centrale chairman Mr. RJ Ledesma, On-Off Group Managing Director Mr. Phil Smithson, AllFamous Digital Founder Ms. Pauline Pangan and RetailGate CEO Mr. Raphael Layosa, with more to come.

If you are looking for a Customer Experience Conference that’s just right for your business, the Customer Lovefest is for you.

Join the 8th Customer Lovefest Conference this November 14-15 at Tower Club Makati. For more information, contact Ex-Link Events at (+63 2) 8633-0153 / 8633-0088, +63 920 924 2532 / +63 920 981 4376, or

Register for the Customer Lovefest here

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