Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience Management

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Wisdom of the Crowds – these are the buzzwords that Customer Experience Management professionals would love to know more about.

From the Wisdom of the Crowds, they can gather their own Big Data set which can be fed to an Artificial Intelligence platform of their own choosing, which will then serve the crowd back.

For example, a data set of 500 women shows that most of them prefer the latest cosmetic products, which will then help the AI which recommendations it will nudge to the customer.

Gartner predicts that “by the year 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.” This means that around 2 in 10 people is predicted to only talk with customer service personnel.

Even as early as now, we now hail AI as the future. Sselfie enthusiasts can be more creative (Facebook AR), people can instruct applications to play music or podcasts (Google Home / Alexa), shoppers can walk through a store, get their items and check out without even stopping (Amazon Go), and even check what they will look like with makeup without physically applying them (Sephora).

This question still runs on the minds of most Customer Experience Management professionals: “How can we use this huge amount of data for our own benefit?” In the future, they will shift away from this question to ask this: “Is our AI-infused Customer Experience well synchronized?” This may not be the question that will be asked in the future, but as soon as Customer Experience Management professionals welcome AI into their system, all roads lead to a huge door that will help them think like one customer after another.

This year’s Customer Experience Management Conference (7th Customer Lovefest) will have the head of IV.AI, Mr. Ferdinand Piano as one of its speakers. Prior to IV.AI, his experience includes working with International and US Domestic small, large and start-up companies in a variety of industries designing developing, and delivering customer service, sales, operations and technical programs that improved human performance to drive the customer experience.

Join the 8th Customer Lovefest Conference this November 14-15 at Tower Club Makati. For more information, contact Ex-Link Events at (+63 2) 8633-0153 / 8633-0088, +63 920 924 2532 / +63 920 981 4376, or

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