Building a Team of Advocates for Customer Experience

“Open lines of communication can improve results for both parties in this [channel partner] relationship. Not only do you need to communicate, but you need to be timely and provide contextually-significant dialogue. When you have a new Channel partner rep, don’t just overload them with massive amounts of data sheets and other information. Focus on the relationship and the bigger picture of what your brand can offer for their customers. Be specific about why your company stands out from the crowd. Communicate often with condensed and relevant information to keep it (and your brand) top of mind.”

“Solve your Channel partner rep’s problems, and you’ll increase their chances of becoming an advocate. This means providing impeccable support to the end users and the partners themselves. Answer questions quickly and fully. You want the channel partners to have confidence in your support team, so if a complex question arises, they don’t panic. Instead, they say “my person will handle it,” and then you do. Do some self-reflection to see how your support group represents your brand. Can they be reached through various communication methods? Is higher-tier technical support readily available? Asking these questions again shows you care about the relationship and are focused on being sure your brand stands out.”

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