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A major fastfood chain opened up its new branch near our office, and we got to try the new queuing system that is also being introduced in the chain select branches.

Prior to this, we’ve already had cashless ticketing for the most of the country’s train infrastructure.

This just shows that while we still love to hold our cash in our pockets, we are slowly transitioning to being a cashless society.

This has been done in neighboring countries such as Singapore and Japan – even China has embraced it so much that over 300 physical stores are now accepting WeChat Pay, a system which uses WeChat accounts linked to smartphones to pay for goods and services. In the Philippines, we have the likes of PayMaya and GCash dominating the cashless space.

These are among the things that can affect Loyalty Marketing in 2019 – the more cashless transactions are integrated into loyalty marketing, the more convenient it is to pay for goods and services and get loyalty points at the same time. The more convenience the customers get, the more they will return to the shop. This has been done before by banks who are tying-in with brands, but that changed with the rise of prepaid wallets raised by fintech companies.

Today, only few consumers are aware and are using these kinds of technologies, but in the future they will gradually accept it. The right time to let them know more about this is now.

If you want to dip your feet to this exciting territory, the 7th Customer Lovefest can help you. Our speakers such as Dr. Donald Lim (Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines), Ms. Yayu Javier (Avanza, Inc.), Ms. Matec Villanueva (Consultant for CNN Philippines), Mr. Sherwin John Sario (Assistant Loyalty Program Manager for Metro Retail Stores Group), Mr. Nik Laming (Cebu Pacific) and Ms. Pauline Pangan (AFDigital) will give you insights on customer loyalty that you should know so that you can prepare better customer loyalty processes in the future.

Join the 8th Customer Lovefest Conference this November 14-15 at Tower Club Makati. For more information, contact Ex-Link Events at (+63 2) 8633-0153 / 8633-0088, +63 920 924 2532 / +63 920 981 4376, or

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