Customer Experience: 12 Good Experiences to Make-up for One Bad Experience

If that is the case, we have a challenging task of implementing and calibrating our customer experience management to serve our customers well.

It reminded me that service is a zero sum game. Customers do not recognize you until they experienced discomfort on your brand.

In the service industry, and a human behavior fact, we recognize what is wrong from the myriad of right things we encountered.

Therefore, consistency is the key, but how to be consistent?

Training and Culture

For me, culture anchored on continuous training, monitoring and correction to achieve excellence is the key.

Easier said than done.

But we have a lot of cases that show this can be done.

We have learned that to commit a bad experience against the customer is costly.

In the midst of the tough competition and constant disruption, we cannot afford losing one of our precious customers.

Again, we need to provide 12 Good Experiences to Make-up for One Bad Experience.

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