Customer Experience in the Healthcare System

Customer Lovefest 018 - Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a major industry that has a huge responsibility carried on its back. With the history of having less-than-positive feedback, this industry now turns to Customer Experience to flip things around.

With the rise of Big Data, hospitals can assess a patient according to his or her preference, thus making each of their experiences unique and personalized. Some hospitals even use Augmented Reality to train its medical professionals to expand their knowledge through medical training.

In the Philippines, we have health maintenance organizations such as PhilCare which now use Artificial Intelligence to consult doctors using smartphones.

We also have hospitals such as the Asian Hospital and Medical Center of which its Customer Experience and Engagement Director Ms. Hennesy Lou Miranda will grace the 7th Customer Lovefest as its speaker.

Ms. Miranda develops, defines and improves hospital-wide performance metrics and measurement tools specific to patient and customer experience. Prior to this, she held the positions of Director for Corporate Affairs and Senior Manager for Customer Relations Management, among other roles she was given in her decade-long stint in the hospital.

She will share her expertise and experience as she discuss the Strategies for Higher Customer Loyalty in the Healthcare System at the 7th Customer Lovefest.

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