Customer Experience through better use of words

Photo by Romain Vignes on Unsplash

Everybody’s got their favourite examples of terrible, often hilarious translations. “Pepsi—It’s a New Generation” became, in Thai, “Pepsi—It Brings Your Dead Ancestors Back to Life.” Technical translations are often seen as an expense that should be cut down on. But in fact what is important is to manage translations well, so that both the quality and the costs are kept under control.

For instance, you could build a translation memory with your translator. That will help cut costs and promote consistency. And create a list of terms or a glossary. This is a list of established terms that can be used, along with their translation.

Which is better, “manager” or “director”? Which is better—“manager” or director”? Should you say, “Enter the text in the To: field”, or “Type the text and press Enter”? Setting up a list of terms or a glossary makes the translator’s work easier and helps produce the desired results.

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