How Cebu Pacific stays on top of the Customer Loyalty Game

This post is part of a series on the 7th Customer Lovefest held at the Tower Club Makati last November 15-16, 2018.

Nik Laming, General Manager for Loyalty Division of Cebu Pacific, discussed Customer Loyalty in a low cost world, innovating the traditional loyalty program to look after the best customers.

Overcome culture to progress

Companies should overcome culture to progress by respecting hierarchy. Company employees should give importance to position of a person. They should also not be seen to fail, but to succeed.

Encourage, Insist and Persist

Companies should always Encourage, Insist and Persist to drive successful results. They should always provide two innovation objectives. If one fails, learn, improve and repeat.

According to Laming, Philippines is digitally obsessed nation wherein retail loyalty programs are popular. Loyalty programs are usually based on human nature, treat, challenge, millennial, reciprocity, status, games, immediacy, community and such with very strong incentive.

Broader Audience

Companies should start appealing to broader audiences. They should cater and treat every type of person and every single person as their customers. Cebu Pacific caters to frequent and infrequent travelers who may be low or high spenders.

Laming lead the set up and management of a loyalty program for the airline. The result being GetGo, the first lifestyle coalition rewards program in the Philippines. Cebu Pacific’s coalition circle includes aspiring rewards, earn velocity, everyday spend volume, more rewards options and personal channel and scale and the cycle continuous.

Strong Value Proposition

Their loyalty and rewards program also has strong value proposition wherein you can earn points while you travel, your points do not expire, you can earn everyday, and you can have free flights at your fingertips, exclusive member deals and many more.

Strong Partner Network

Cebu Pacific also has strong partner network. For services they are in partner with Storm and Cebuana Lhuillier. For travel, they are in partnership with TravelBook, Klook, Agoda, and services.

Companies should also listen to their customers and act. They should listen to their customers’ suggestions in different areas to be improved. They should also realize that Social Media gives enormous leverage.

Companies must learn to apply the duck principle, a form of logical reasoning. They should also humanize communication and innovate self-service for customers in accessing their account and all about their membership.

A self-serve in action is also a must. One self-serve in action of Cebu Pacific is the Boracay Closure, they automatically cancel Boracay flights and customers have a choice to reroute or re-book their reservation. They also innovate payment methods through cash, credit cards, debit cards and Visa to cope up in new ways of paying.

To sum it up, Laming gave things to consider in designing future-looking Loyalty Programs:

  • Dream big;
  • Accept limits;
  • Listen;
  • Act and be where the customers are;
  • Be flexible;
  • Partner with brands;
  • Allow freedom within a framework; and lastly,
  • Make it human and fun.

More ideas on improving your businesses’ Customer Experience await you at the 8th Customer Lovefest this November 14-15, 2018 at Discovery Primea, Makati City. For more information, call us at (+632) 633-0153 / 643-3887, text us at (+63) 920 920 2532 / (+63) 920 981 4376, email us at / or visit us on Facebook.

Written by Michelle Camacho

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