Nowadays, “fixed” store operating hours won’t get you above the rest

Nowadays, "fixed" store operating hours won't get you above the rest

“I was among a group of bank customers standing in the rain at 8:55 am in front of the branch. All the bank personnel were in position inside waiting for the doors to be unlocked at 9 am. Once inside, I asked the receptionist why not open a few minutes early? I got the “bank hours” rule. So, I asked the branch manager if there was a legal or security reason for waiting to open the front door. He said, “No, but we open at 9 am.” His rules trumped our ease. And, it underscored the fact that convenience has a sharper meaning to customers in their time’s up world.

Convenience has become the gatekeeper to the important portals of our lives. It governs access to what we want or need when want or need it. And, the cyber world has taught us to abhor the arbitrariness of that gatekeeper. We think, “Why can’t they be open when I need them?” “Why do they care more about their rules than making revenue?” “Why doesn’t every merchant deliver?” “Don’t big box retail stores know I pay a price to shop with them that Amazon does not require?””

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