Responding to the Customer’s Issues

“Businesses need to invest in technology that enables them to have more time to ‘speak’ to clients, to engage with them and make that human touch still real.

We here all the time of wondrous new technology such as AI, VR, Chatbots and the like, that take us further from customers, pushing customers to self-serve and engaging with us as a personal brand. In shops, we are forced to self-serve, to in effect work for the shop in scanning our own goods, paying and packing without any payback, be it that the promise is faster service!  All positioned as aiding the customer, not to mention the cost savings in labor to the retailer.

Yet when something does not work. When a customer feels they need help, the customer perception of service is what is real to that individual and if you cut corners or let them down, they will churn and pass that bad feeling onto others

Customers today want and expect service and when needed, personal service and engagement with a human. Have you ever tried phoning your own company to find out the process as a customer? Maybe you should personal shop yourself?”

Read more from Ian Moyse’s guest post at the Customer Service Blog

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