Why People Love the Customer Lovefest?

Through the topics covered, I had better appreciation
of what we are doing and where we are heading as an Asian organization. At the same time, I realized opportunities within the current process which I am excited to report back to our senior leaders.

Chris Andrew Ong, [24]7.ai

As a millennial, hearing and learning from the experts means so much to me and inspire me to be better and aim higher!


Paula Ruiz, Uratex

The conference tackled very specific topics relevant to customer management it inspired innovating practices, but not forgetting to always consider the most important thing… The Customer Journey.


Loriebelle Sanchez, Watsons

I have wonderful and exciting experience with this conference.

Onassis Guevarra, Geodata Systems Technologies, Inc.

Very much empowering and lot of new ideas and learning
for present and future, stabilizing customer relations.


Dalia Anoc, PhilStar Daily Inc.