Supply Chain and Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is one big chunk. It’s not just about brand loyalty, customer loyalty, the environment that it is setting, or even appifying the whole customer journey. It’s all of it.

We will take our two cents on a few aspects of this almost all-around profession.

Today’s Friday – and that means we treat ourselves to a job well done. You will either pig out at fastfoods or restaurants; or go to sleep right away.

We have a friend who goes by the name of “MS” MS has just finished her work day, and she went straight to the nearest fastfood. She looks at the menu board. “I am craving for a spaghetti,” she decided.

She was told at the cashier that it’s not available at the moment. Worse, it’s still in the menu board without any note on it. This made her disappointed. All she want to cap the day off is an order of spaghetti.

How your Supply Chain can affect Customer Experience Management?

Supply Chains are also important in Customer Experience Management. Making sure that the supplies are well-filled is a simple routine. This act has its own impact in the customer’s journey.

Let’s look back at MS’ story. If only the fastfood promptly removed the spaghetti once they got out of supplies, MS won’t be a detractor.

Judging from the point that she got disappointed, she may decide to never go back there again. Instead of having her spaghetti, she has to go to a competing fastfood.

Most of the time, customers have fixed their minds to what they want. You can offer her a different dish, but that will need a bit more convincing to do.

This is why keeping your business’ supplies well-filled is important. Customer Experience Management requires the business to fit with what the customer wants.

First of all, thank you for reading this story. If you are a foodie, what was the best experience that you had in a fastfood? If you are the manager of a fastfood, what practices can you share to us? Share your thoughts below.

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