User Behavior for Customer Experience Management

This weekend, you will be taking your time observing which elements in your shop need adjustments. You have your pen and paper with you, and you are ready to spend two to three hours.

The first hour is spent on looking outside of your shop, the next one is spend on looking inside. The last hour is spent on looking at the cashier, pretending that you’re just window-shopping when in fact you’re the owner and the cashier looks at you curiously.

After further deliberation, you found out that most of your customers look at the right once they enter your shop. You thought that there’s nothing worth looking at the left side, and so you had your featured product placed there.

Then you ran the test again a week after, and noticed that things changed just a little bit, but not enough for you to make your firm decision. You start to place the featured product in the right, which is based on your shoppers’ behavior. A week after, you will need to restock that kind of product and you finally said, “Bingo.”

That’s an example of A/B testing, which is quite a common term among web developers. In Customer Experience Management parlance, it probably mean the same thing: Find the best area to maximize your sales.

The next time you go to a shop, try observing their customers’ behavior, and be amazed at how things work from there.

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