What can the 7th Customer Lovefest do for your bank or financial institution?

A 2017 research paper published in the International Journal of Research and Development Organization (IJRDO) Journal of Business Management states that 85% out of its 200 respondents say that they have a loyalty card – and around 8% own up to five cards.

In the case of financial institutions, no-collateral, in-house financing is on the rise; banks continue to improve its customer experiences to reach more consumers to a point that they turn some of their formal-looking branches into cozy places of discussion; and financial inclusion is ever-expanding with fintech and mobile applications leading the way.

A 2014 Lassu story shared that while retailers are on the top of customers’ minds when it comes to loyalty programs, it’s the financial sector who are fore-running the loyalty program drive by tagging their services with offers from retailers.

In these times, what’s your institution’s stand about Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience?

Customer Experience Management Conference

The Customer Experience Management Conference, Customer Lovefest is a pioneer conference on Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management. 

On its 7th year, here’s what we can do for banks:

  • Provide case studies on integrating loyalty marketing in your digital platforms
  • Give examples of companies nurturing its top customers which you can integrate with your systems
  • Helps you think of ways to add personal touch to your company’s customer journey
  • Prepares you for future trends in Customer Loyalty
  • Add ideas for you to create an excellent customer journey
  • Shares upcoming Customer Experience trends that you needs to know
  • Shows a sneak peek to the future of Customer Experience to help you adapt
  • Presents actual examples to help create unique and excellent Customer Experiences
  • Gives valuable advice to help you transform your brand through Customer Experience

If banks like BPI and even the Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines have joined and supported us, why should not your financial institution too?

Join the 8th Customer Lovefest Conference this November 14-15 at Tower Club Makati. For more information, contact Ex-Link Events at (+63 2) 8633-0153 / 8633-0088, +63 920 924 2532 / +63 920 981 4376, info@exlinkevents.com or facebook.com/customerlovefest.

Register for the Customer Lovefest here

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