What is the “Customer Journey” in the mind of the customer?

What is the "Customer Journey" in the mind of the customer?

“Immediately, we adopted the “buyers’ perspectives,” we translated our language from selling to buying, using terms like the buying process and the buying journey to make us appear to be more customer sensitive.  But, too often, they are thinly disguised terms of what we want to do to the customers.  We want them to buy, we focus on the things that make them buy.

What if we changed our perspectives?

Our customers have projects–these projects are things they want to do, goals they want to achieve, changes they want to make, improvements to what they do.  What if we started talking to our customers about their projects and plans?  What is we started looking at how we could help them with those projects, help them to better execute their project plans?”

Read more from Dave Brock at CustomerThink

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